Excited About My Recent Purchase

A wheelbarrow is essential for gardening without back pain! A wheelbarrow! Yes. Why? Because now I’m not carrying pounds of soil and seed on my back. Some years ago, I thought nothing of picking up and carrying 40lb sacks around my yard. I could take it. The post-landscaping ache was my badge of honour. But these days I’m... Read More

Back Clinics of Canada Patient Question of the Week: Spinal Decompression at Home

Hi, Dr. Ron. I’ve been hearing about Spinal Decompression treatments one can do at home, for relief from low back pain and neck pain. What is this exactly? Does it really work? First, let me quickly explain what non-surgical spinal decompression is. This is a technology-based back and neck pain decompression system. The doctor overseeing... Read More

Yard Work Without Injuring Your Back

Autumn is here. For some of you homeowners, there’s yard work ahead. What’s on your list? Are you planting trees, shrubs or bulbs? Seeding and fertilizing? Raking? These and other landscaping activities are often more physically taxing than is realized. It’s very common for one to incur strains and injuries. And in many cases, such... Read More

3 Things You Need to Know About Text Neck

Text Neck Is Real Text-Neck is not a gimmicky phrase. Research shows that extensive use of hand-held electronic devices can lead to neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, or numbness and tingling into the arms and hands. Text Neck Is Prevalent Reports of pain symptoms caused by overuse or improper use of electronic devices are on... Read More

Back Pain Conference in the Windy City

We have just returned from Chicago. What a seminar! I took my core team to an international 4-day intensive seminar that brought together like-minded health professionals. It was fantastic to spend days with other back pain experts. Speakers were amazing. The insights and exposure to cutting-edge new developments in pain treatment and care were invaluable.... Read More

Tech Neck is a Real Epidemic

On average, smartphone users are hunched over their phones 2-4 hours a day (or 700-1400 hours per year). Teenagers are even heavier users. This excess pressure on the neck, over time, can lead to serious spine problems, including inflammation, muscle strain, pinched nerves, misaligned vertebrae, disc problems, accelerated degeneration, and even early onset arthritis.... Read More

Back Clinics of Canada Patient Question of the Week: Sciatica and Age

Sciatica can be treated successfully and safely in the elderly. At Back Clinics of Canada we have treated many patients who are in their eighties. And sciatica is a back pain condition that we see often and have treated with great success.... Read More

2015 New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight to Help Reduce Back Pain

When a person is significantly overweight, their spine is under constant strain and they are a candidate for low back pain. What happens to an overweight person who is not very active? Poor flexibility; weakened muscles in the lower back, pelvis, and thighs; increased curve of the lower back; poor posture that can cause the pelvis to tilt too far forward; misalignment of the spine; additional weakened or strained muscles; compressed spinal discs, disc bulges, and even degenerative disc disease.... Read More

Back Clinics of Canada Patient Question of the Week: Foot Pain & Class IV K-Laser Therapy

Can the Class IV K-Laser help me with a foot injury? My foot is not broken, but it’s terribly bruised. Walking is difficult and I feel like my healing is taking forever. I’m sorry to hear about your foot pain. The answer to your question is YES. The Class IV K-Laser is designed to effectively... Read More