NEW Teeter® Inversion Tables at Back Clinics of Canada

Back Clinics of Canada is proud to carry the entire line of Teeter® brand inversion tables. Available now for purchase. Why invert? Inversion tables offer natural relief from back pain symptoms in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Inversion tables help to relieve back pain, ease stress, improve joint health, increase flexibility and... Read More

Home Products for Back Comfort and Pain-Relief

Home Products for Comfort and Pain-Relief There are many over the counter (non-prescription) products in the market that claim to provide back pain relief, back stability, comfort while sitting and sleeping. Some products work better than others, and some are just a waste of money. Let Back Clinics of Canada help you understand what’s best... Read More

Use a Snowblower: Save Your Back, Save Your Heart

Shovel your snow without back pain. Get a quality snowblower. Clearing snow is a tough job. Heavy lifting, twisting and turning, repetitive strain, and cold icy weather can result in injuries if one is not prepared and does not employ the right technique. (Yes, there’s a technique to shoveling!) The most frequent injuries we see... Read More

Dr. Ron's Health Initiative - Starting A Health Discussion in Toronto

The first step to living a healthy lifestyle is education. You can’t eat right if you don’t know the ins and outs of where, when, and what to eat. The conversation about health simply isn’t loud enough in the Toronto area. Together with my team at Back Clinics of Canada, I am taking the initiative... Read More

Patient Question of the Week: 10 Tips for Flying and Low Back Pain

Hi, Dr. Ron. My wife and I are taking a trip. Will the long flight make my back pain flare up? What can I do to feel good while cramped in an economy seat?  Great question. Air travel today is not comfortable. Seats are cramped, space to move is tight. Even the healthiest person can end... Read More

You Have Access to the Best in Back Pain Treatment

I read about a famous professional golfer the other day. He is sidelined by back pain. He underwent two back surgeries (microdiscectomy) in 18 months – April 2014, September 2015. With his renown and mega-earnings, one could safely assume this player met with the top experts in the field of back pain treatment and rehabilitation. He has yet to... Read More

Excited About My Recent Purchase

A wheelbarrow is essential for gardening without back pain! A wheelbarrow! Yes. Why? Because now I’m not carrying pounds of soil and seed on my back. Some years ago, I thought nothing of picking up and carrying 40lb sacks around my yard. I could take it. The post-landscaping ache was my badge of honour. But these days I’m... Read More

Back Clinics of Canada Patient Question of the Week: Spinal Decompression at Home

Hi, Dr. Ron. I’ve been hearing about Spinal Decompression treatments one can do at home, for relief from low back pain and neck pain. What is this exactly? Does it really work? First, let me quickly explain what non-surgical spinal decompression is. This is a technology-based back and neck pain decompression system. The doctor overseeing... Read More

Yard Work Without Injuring Your Back

Autumn is here. For some of you homeowners, there’s yard work ahead. What’s on your list? Are you planting trees, shrubs or bulbs? Seeding and fertilizing? Raking? These and other landscaping activities are often more physically taxing than is realized. It’s very common for one to incur strains and injuries. And in many cases, such... Read More

3 Things You Need to Know About Text Neck

Text Neck Is Real Text-Neck is not a gimmicky phrase. Research shows that extensive use of hand-held electronic devices can lead to neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, or numbness and tingling into the arms and hands. Text Neck Is Prevalent Reports of pain symptoms caused by overuse or improper use of electronic devices are on... Read More