Acute Low Back Pain Versus Chronic Low Back Pain

acute low back pain chronic low back painAt Back Clinics of Canada we get asked so many great questions. We’re going to share them with you, highlighting one question a week.

This week, a patient asked:

What is the difference between acute low back pain and chronic low back pain?

Acute low back pain is experienced for six weeks or fewer. It feels like a severe, sharp pain or dull ache. The pain is typically from an injury or trauma, although the majority of cases have no known cause. Acute pain can also be the result of a spine disorder such as ankylosing spondylitis or herniated disc. Symptoms may include limited spinal flexibility and/or range of motion, and the inability to stand straight.

People suffering with acute low back pain may reduce or even avoid activities because they fear their pain will increase, or the injury will get worse. Such people may be unable to work, they are less productive, and their pain may interfere with sleep. Even normal daily tasks become difficult because of the limited range of spinal movement and pain.

Chronic low back pain may feel like a deep, achy, dull or burning type pain that usually lasts longer than three months. The pain is typically in the low back and/or travels down the legs. A patient with chronic low back pain finds it is worse while sitting too long in one position, driving, spending long periods bending over, lifting, bending or pulling, or even remaining idle (i.e. not exercising regularly)!

Limitations of chronic low back pain are similar to acute low back pain. These pain sufferers have difficulty lifting objects and moving about. Their personal lives, work and social lives are adversely affected. Pain is relentless; lack of sleep contributes to a great sense of fatigue. Emotions are strained from living with a chronic condition, with no end in sight. Depression is common, as pain may affect the person’s capacity to sustain social relationships due to avoidance of certain activities.


Back Clinics of Canada offers a robust, non-surgical, drug-free program of care that successfully treats both acute and chronic low back pain conditions — the High Performance Healing SystemTM. This proprietary program is only available at Back Clinics of Canada. It is an integrated, comprehensive approach that includes Class IV K-laser therapy, non-surgical Spinal Decompression, and Disc Renewal PlusTM (specially formulated nutrition supplement system developed by Dr. Nusbaum, in a pharmaceutical level, that delivers the support needed to boost your overall healing).

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