Supplements Can Support Healing of Back Pain

posted by Dr. Ron Nusbaum, Back Clinics of Canada

Here is the Back Clinics Question of the Week.

Disc Renewal Plus

Disc Renewal Plus

This week, a patient asked about the difference between Back Clinics of Canada’s Disc Renewal PlusTM and over-the-counter nutrition supplements.

What does Disc Renewal PlusTM do for my spinal disc healing that over-the-counter supplements don’t? Can I get the same nutritional benefits through my diet alone?

You can’t compare Disc Renewal PlusTM nutrition supplements to over-the-counter supplements.


Dr. Nusbaum formulated Disc Renewal PlusTM, to the highest specifications, in consultation with some leading neutraceutical authorities, to support healing of connective tissues, a primary component of discs. This proprietary system incorporates L-Lysine, L-Proline Amino Acids with Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and Glucosamine Sulfate into a supplementation pack.

The resulting Disc Renewal PlusTM is a vital part of the High Performance Healing SystemTM.  Disc Renewal PlusTM is only available at Back Clinics of Canada and has drawn attention worldwide for anyone looking for supplements to support healing of compromised or injured connective tissues.

With the addition of Disc Renewal PlusTM to the program of care offered at Back Clinics of Canada, patients have a wider approach to help support their healing.


While you will not receive the same levels of nutritional support through diet alone, it is always wise to eat smart. Read here to learn how to boost your diet for spinal health.

About Dr. Ron Nusbaum

As CEO of Back Clinics of Canada, I remain steadfast in my commitment to helping patients heal from serious neck pain and back pain to reclaim an active, pain-free life. We offer the most advanced, cutting-edge, non-invasive treatments, including Class IV K-laser therapy and non-surgical spinal decompression. Our unique High Performance Healing System consistently results in high success outcomes for patients.
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