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High Performance Healing

Back Clinics of Canada patients benefit from our proprietary High-Performance Healing system.

High-Performance Healing is a comprehensive, integrated and customized system designed to maximize pain relief and healing for each patient in the shortest time possible. Our goal is to take you beyond just pain-relief by offering adjunctive care that really supports healing.

This proprietary system, developed by Dr. Ron Nusbaum, includes muscle strengthening to maintain spinal health, nutritional supplementation to boost healing, and ongoing evaluation to help you stay the course.

    • Class IV K-Laser Therapy: healing and pain-relief with the most powerful and effective therapeutic laser that exists in the world—stimulates cell function, reduces inflammation and eases pain in real time
    • Non-surgical Spinal Decompression for the relief of severe, chronic low back pain and neck pain
    • Ongoing non-invasive, high-tech exams to fine-tune care and enhance results: cutting-edge technology is used to monitor your nerve and muscle function - you can actually see your progress
    • Nutritional supplementation that supports disc and other connective tissue healing
    • Back and neck muscle rehabilitation program to enhance strength, stability and flexibility: a stronger back supports your healthier spine
    • Post-care follow up: Dr. Nusbaum will see you beyond your treatment program

    Dr. Nusbaum offers patients at his Toronto back clinic Disc Renewal PlusTM. Formulated by Dr. Nusbaum, this is a proprietary, ultra-pure, highest quality combination of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Glucosamine Sulfate + MSM, and Collagen nutritional supplements. Disc Renewal PlusTM offers this combination of supplements to support disc as well as other connective tissue healing. Damaged discs, cartilage joints and other connective tissues need the best fighting chance to heal properly, and so it only makes sense to support the healing process. Disc Renewal PlusTM is only available from Back Clinics of Canada.

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Patients are saying...


I have finally gotten my life back and it is all thanks to you, Dr. Ron, and your spinal decompression.

- Jane

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