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How Spinal Decompression Therapy Works

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Spinal decompression technology allows for customized and specific spinal decompression care. Decompression forces are programmed to target the exact location of the damaged disc. The level of pulling forces is calculated specifically for each patient. The on-board computer monitors the decompression forces continuously and adjusts them as needed based on the body's response to treatment. This ensures accurate and pain-free sessions.

Treats the Cause of Your Pain at the Source

No masking of symptoms. No risky surgery. Spinal Decompression works to alleviate stress and compression on the damaged tissue, giving it opportunity to heal.

Your Pain Diminishes As the Disc and Nerve Heal

Decompression forces gently separate the vertabrae surrounding the damaged disc
water, oxygen and nutrients can penetrate the disc

The Patient Experience

The Patient Experience During each treatment session, the patient lies on a comfortable padded bed, secured into position by an upper and lower-body harness. Typically, each session is divided into cycles where spinal decompression forces alternate between a maximum and minimum therapeutic level. The cycling of forces in this manner simulates the natural processes responsible for re-nourishing and healing your damaged disc.

Most patients experience a gentle stretch in the lumbar spine (or neck). Patients find this therapy quite comfortable and even relaxing. Few patients may experience mild muscular soreness during treatment, similar to what one might feel when starting a new exercise regimen.

Adjunctive therapies are prescribed to support the benefits of Spinal Decompression therapy.

After the course of care is complete, patients return for evaluation and monitoring.

Some Interesting Facts

More than 10,000 decompression sessions have taken place at Back Clinics of Canada.

Only qualified patients are accepted for care.

Most patients find decompression sessions to be comfortable

Use of pain medications is usually completely discontinued or decreased by the patient's MD.

Daily life activities are resumed - things such as work, bathing, dressing, walking, sleeping and sports.

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Patients are saying...


I have finally gotten my life back and it is all thanks to you, Dr. Ron, and your spinal decompression.

- Jane

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