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Class IV Laser Therapy Healing & Relief

In keeping with our commitment to provide exceptional expert care, Back Clinics of Canada is the first back pain clinic in Canada to offer Class IV K-Laser Therapy. It is a medical breakthrough in therapeutic laser technology.

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The deep healing effects of the Class IV K-Laser outperform anything we’ve seen. We’re proud to add it to our services and be able to offer our patients advanced laser therapy for robust, accelerated healing.

Many patients experience results from the very first session onward.

Therapeutic effects of Class IV K-Laser Therapy include:

  • improved healing time; three to five times faster than with other treatments
  • reduced pain
  • improved circulation
  • reduced inflammation
  • pain relief effects can be felt immediately

Laser therapy is drug-free. There are no side effects. No scar tissue results from this treatment. It is effective for acute and chronic conditions, including post-surgical pain. Each session is 15 minutes or less. Effects are cumulative.


Download and read scientific research studies in PDF format.

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Patients are saying...

Dave S A

I have completed my sessions and I can only begin to thank you in relation to the amount of relief it has brought.

- David S. A.

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