Back Clinics Background Have you tried everything in your fight against back pain?  Don't Give Up. There's still hope for a pain-free life! Global News Snow Shoveling Tips Winter Shoveling Tips Explaining Our System
Back Clinics Mobile Background Have you tried everything in your fight against back pain?  Don't Give Up. There's still hope for a pain-free life! Winter Shoveling Tips Explaining Our System

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Our Unique, Comprehensive Approach Has Succeeded In Cases Where Other Treatments Have Failed.Even if you’ve tried conventional treatment options such as surgery, medication, injections or physical therapy, you can still find relief with our unique solution. We’ve successfully treated individuals who had been suffering from back pain for years. They had essentially given up hope of living a pain-free life — and are now living lives which they never thought possible!

I LOVED the High Performance Healing System and it really worked for me. The decompression was great – the laser very helpful and the supplements made me feel better.

- Tesfu H.

I was not able to golf, take care of my cottage, or sit down at meetings. I tried MANY other treatments … none of which worked for me. I have now completed the program and am feeling much better!

- David C.

I had been suffering for more than 13 years, and was feeling very frustrated. But after my initial visit with Dr. Nusbaum, I felt hopeful for the first time in a long time. I have now finished my program and I feel fabulous!

- Donna H.

Read what former patients have to say about their High Performance Healing SystemTM experience. Their stories inspire.
  • “ I feel like I felt 5 years ago prior to the pain setting in. The program worked very well for me and I would highly recommend it. ”

    Joe F.
  • ” I feel absolutely great.  The treatment was just wonderful.  I would absolutely recommend this clinic to anyone
    suffering with pain. “

    Margaret H.
  • ” I would definitely recommend the program to anyone that would listen. “

    Harry L.
  • ” To everyone’s amazement, through the treatments of spinal decompression and laser therapy that I began to feel some relief, and continued to improve beyond anyone’s expectations.”

    Caitlin K.
  • ” I am now basically pain free.  Thank you Back Clinics of Canada for helping me resume my life.… “

    Barbara W.
  • ” I feel GREAT and it was a very positive experience for me coming to Back Clinics of Canada. “

    Glenn I.
  • ” Dr. Ron’s care was excellent and I am happy beyond description that I took this leap of faith. “

    Naren V.


Our Approach Is Truly One of A Kind.

Here’s How It Works.


This unique, integrated system of care was developed by Dr. Nusbaum. It delivers dramatic pain relief quickly, safely and effectively. All treatments are non-surgical, non-invasive, and drug-free. The High Performance Healing System™ is only available at Back Clinics of Canada.

The three main components of the system are:

1Non–Surgical Spinal Decompression

drxc_angle_patient_2-revSpinal Decompression heals damaged spinal discs by creating a healing environment within the spine that allows water, oxygen & nutrients to flow into damaged discs. The disc begins to rehydrate, oxygenate, and rehabilitate. Spinal Decompression has no known side effects. During each session, patients lie on a comfortable padded bed, and can relax & enjoy entertainment via the machine’s built-in CD/DVD player.

2Class IV K-Laser Therapy

work-3 Class IV K-laser is the most powerful laser available today. Powerful and deep-penetrating, K-Laser therapy achieves faster & more effective results, than other laser options. As the first clinic in Canada licensed to utilize this treatment, Back Clinics of Canada is the most experienced K-laser provider in the country.

3Disc Renewal Plus™

Disc RenewalDisc Renewal Plus™ is a proprietary custom formulated system of pharmaceutical grade natural supplements. It is developed by Dr. Nusbaum to support the robust healing that patients receive through non-surgical Spinal Decompression and Class IV K-laser therapy. Disc Renewal Plus™ is available only to Back Clinics of Canada patients.

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Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression delivers powerful, patient-specific healing. Tour the machine to learn about the advanced technology, precision accuracy, and comfort made possible by one of our decompression machines.


About Dr. Ron Nusbaum D.C., B.Sc
  • Chiropractic: Spinal Decompression, Class IV K-Laser Therapy, Disc Renewal Plus™, custom orthotics
  • Experience: More than 26 years helping patients heal from low back pain and neck pain. Integrates advanced technology for safe, non-surgical treatment.
  • Education / Credentials: Canadian Chiropractic Memorial College, Doctor of Chiropractic 1989; University of Toronto, Bachelor of Science, Major in Psychology 1982
  • Awards / Honours: Consumer Choice Award winner as best in the category of Back Specialist for the Greater Toronto Area 2016 & 2016; Dell Small Business Technology Award, recognizing innovative use of technology 2007
Dr. Ron Nusbaum is the Founder and Director of Back Clinics of Canada. He is a member of the Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA), the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA), and is licensed by the College of Chiropractors of Ontario (CCO). He is a frequent contributor to both print and online publications. He has also appeared numerous times in Toronto radio and television.